Students get residuals from everything they touch. Include your community, school, or church.

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You will be assigned a Style. Each contains a Task of The Day where you can use the guidelines to create prompts. For example, #mascots Task of The Day could be to "create as many purple 2-D bobcats as you can".

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  • mascots
  • cities
  • psychedelic
  • archetypes
  • motivational
  • pets
  • animal
  • camouflage
  • girly
  • funny
  • pattern
  • videos

One Prompt can go a Long Way

Below is an example of how one prompt turned into almost 12 different products, instantly on multiple websites under different brands.

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Per Month
Daily Assigned Style
3 Designs
10% residuals
Instant Support
Personal Domain
Personal Brand
Per Month
Daily Assigned Style
100 Designs
45% residuals
24/7 Support
Personal Domain
Personal Brand
Per User
Choose Any Style
250 Designs
60% residuals
Minimum 5 users
Personal Domain
Personal Brand
Per Month
Request Styles
Unlimited Designs
Personal Domain
75% Residuals
Instant Support
Personal Brand
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